ChatGPT: Startup In-A-Box 1 day

This is a very special ChatGPT course designed specifically for Founders of Startups and Entrepreneurs. The course is delivered by an entrepreneur with multiple exits behind them – think FTSE, Nasdaq, and private sale.  The course is offered at a substantial discount to benefit those who are on the road to launching a Startup.  ChatGPT is used to cover every aspect of the launch of a startup.

In R&D

We are currently finalising the syllabus, and completing the testing of this course. Please email us if you would like to receive details once the course is ready for presentation.

Early-Bird Discount

We offer a 25% Early Bird Discount for any booking made at least one month in advance of a presentation date.

Public Courses

Presented to delegates from several different companies, in Guernsey and Jersey hotels, usually from 9am to 5pm. A maximum of 10 delegates attend. The syllabus is generic.

Exclusive Courses

Presented exclusively for a company or team, at a venue and time of your choice. The syllabus can be tailored uniquely for the presentation. The number of delegates is negotiable.

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