Mastering ChatGPT for Business: From Beginner to Pro 1 day

While everyone has access to the ultimate power of ‘ChatGPT’, those who master the input prompts are the ones who will succeed beyond others. This course is a ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering Tutorial. Effective Techniques, Strategies, & Applications To Use ChatGPT within a Company.

What You'll Learn

  •  Master prompt engineering for effective AI interaction.
  • Boost problem-solving skills with ChatGPT’s predictions.
  • Unlock advanced features for optimal ChatGPT performance
  • Improve efficiency with streamlined ChatGPT communication
  • Customize ChatGPT for your business with fine-tuning skills.
  • Solve complex tasks easily with ChatGPT
  • Create compelling content with ChatGPT to engage audiences.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the future of ChatGPT and AI.

    Session 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

    •  AI & AGI
    • Large Language Models
    • Natural Language Processing
    • OpenAI and GPT
    • Playground vs ChatGPT


    Session 2 : ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

      • Simple Prompts
      • Chats and Transfer Learning
      • Perspective and Language
      • Setting the Scene…
      • Explain like…
      • Expand on…
      • Chain-of-Thought: Single & Multishot
      • Tabulate
      • Let’s Take It Step-by-Step…
      • Act As…

    1hr. 15min.

    Session 3 : ChatGPT for General Business

      • Email body writing
      • Email subject line A/B testing
      • Email filtering
      • Spreadsheets
      • Write an essay
      • Write a report
      • Re-writing
      • Create a list
      • Suggest
      • Learning about a topic
      • Best of/Top …
      • Language Translation
      • Travel arrangements

    2hrs. 45min.

    Session 4 : Departmental ChatGPT

    • Copywriting
    • Campaign Creation
    • Graphics: Dall-E 2 and Mid Journey
    • Social Media Schedule and Posts
    • Presentation and Slide Creation
    • You Tube scripts
    • Recruitment and CVs
    • Interview practice
    • Strategy Reports

    1hrs 30min.

    Session 5 : Advanced Use

    • GPT-3.5 vs GPT-4 
    • Point-E
    • Voice control
    • Personal Assistant
    • ChatGPT Plugins
    • Limitations of LLMs

    0hr. 30min.

    Who this Course Is For

    • This course is designed to be accessible to delegates of all levels.
    • Professionals who are seeking to understand ChatGPT’s capabilities and how to integrate ChatGPT into their work life. 
    • Directors, Executives, and Professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills and improve team efficiency.
    • Anyone! ChatGPT is such a powerful and user-friendly technology that it can benefit anyone, regardless of their background or experience. With its ease of use and versatile capabilities, ChatGPT is a tool that can empower professionals across industries to achieve their goals. 



    Our presenters are all experienced AI personnel with first rate presentations skills. Most of them are TechVets: either military or security service veterans. 

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    “While everyone has access to the ultimate power of ‘ChatGPT,’ those who master the input prompts are the ones who will succeed beyond others.”


    Public Courses

    Presented to delegates from several different companies, in Guernsey and Jersey hotels, usually from 9am to 5pm. A maximum of 10 delegates attend. The syllabus is generic.

    Exclusive Courses

    Presented exclusively for a company or team, at a venue and time of your choice. The syllabus can be tailored uniquely for the presentation. The number of delegates is negotiable.

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